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*cough* *cough*

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Horchata (Acoustic)- Vampire Weekend

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and we’re going to keep using that punchline until y’all start wearing pants to the ice cream store.

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Anonymous said: Sorry but you are kind of a jerk sometimes. Like someone came to you, TO YOU, of all the "fitblrs" to ask if it was possible to slim down an area and you say fuck you just because you don't like their phrasing? Excuse me, but that's super bitchy. Ps I don't care if you get mad at me like you do with all the other anons


Seriously fuck you I’m not going to sit here while someone says the dumbest shit to me and not say anything. So you can fuck off with your fairy dust like you’re any better cause you’re clearly not.


Shopping break in Tampa


Carolina by Benjamin Askinas

To N.



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